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Turning projects into companies that improve lives and disrupt industries.

What happens with projects after hackathons, science fairs, or other competitions? Often nothing. Projects die. We guide teenagers who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible by finding treatments for cancers, developing artificial photosynthesis systems and inventing helmets that can prevent concussions. But they leave their revolutionary ideas at a halt and don’t realize their extraordinary potential, and that is where we come in. 

We elevate the brand of youth in STEM.

YSI helps flatten the entrepreneurship learning curve and turns crazy projects into products serving real people by the end of our 12-week program. We select 10 individuals annually between the ages of 12-18 through a rigorous application process. YSI LABS participants can expect to receive up to 25k in seed funding upon completion of the program

Group successful entrepreneurs, venture capitals, patent agents and successful youth founders.

Help in the specialized roles required for a successful modern-day business, including: design, marketing, finance, product development and sales.

Develop a foundational mindset alongside like-minded individuals.

Applications for 2021 coming soon

Our program connects dedicated high school students with researchers and startups in specific STEM fields allowing them to pursue research opportunities. Students selected are given a unique opportunity to perform research in a graduate level laboratory or in industry.


Having trouble getting where you want to be, we got you covered!

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