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We work with big companies to unleash crazy geniuses.

YSI is supported by companies around the world to help elevate the brand of youth in STEM. It is crucial for organizations to invest in young people to keep up with novel technology in industries. Find out how you can help support young people changing the world.

🎤 YSInspire

YSI hosts high profile speakers from NASA, Google and Harvard University at our YSInspire conference.

🦄 The Fellowship

Sponsor a challenge to work with the 20 brightest minds Gen Z has to offer. Find a solution to a problem that is paramount in your industry. 

🧠 Mentorship

Mentor a young changemaker in our incubator or through our FLOW program created to compliment your journey through an industry.

Hire YSI change makers to solve challenges important to your companies mission. 

🧙‍♂️ Internships

Partner with YSI.

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