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Your journey to becoming a changemaker begins here. 

Through our curated sessions, we train young people to think beyond the classroom and have real-world impact. From schools to the United Nations, join YSI in this international movement. 

Built by youth, for youth.

Let's face it, the thought of impacting human life is daunting. For what simply started off as science fair projects for our speakers have turned into patented, internationally awarded innovations in fields ranging from aerospace to neuroscience. We cut the BS, speak upon our personal experiences and get you started on your changemaking journey through our interactive workshops. Expect to leave our sessions motivated with a plan on how to use your passions to make this world a better place. 

YSInspire Conference 

YSI organizes conferences year round focused on promoting STEM and related opportunities to youth. Guest speakers ranging from researchers to entrepreneurs will share their work in their respective STEM field. Students have the opportunity to engage with high-profile youth changemakers via interactive activities and find like-minded people to collaborate and push boundaries with.


  • The perseverance to make something work

  • The relentless wanting to do good for the world

...we develop relentless thinkers

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